Friday, December 25, 2009

stupid pollution!!!

as i was on my way to Taiping...i saw sumtin horrible around Ipoh...
the site of pollution
its really not a sight for soar eyes
n when i was in taiping
Idiot smokers exhaling toxic gasses...Why must the innocent ones suffer your smoke?
A question that will never be answered...
the poor small children running around and inhaling toxic gasses from you smokers...

As you all know, 2nd hand smoke is more harmful people...

And the stupid politicians and developers who are not looking blindly looking nowhere to mother natures cries... pollution is increasing and the 2010 mindset in some people are also increasing...

I am just sick of walking in the streets coz of the smokers, the cars with no exhaust filters and people who throw rubbish on the poor green grass...
That was my experience while i was walking through BANDAR PUTERI....

please idiot people..please have that perspective...that green perspective so that tomorrow can be a better day for us and for our generations
change for the better people....

GOOD OLD taiping....

Growing up in Taiping was more than just fun..i used to live on a hill...and every evening i would cycle down the roads with my brother through the cool fresh air...after a year coming back to my good hasn't changed a bit....well a few shopping centers here and there but the people are the same....

As yall know, taiping is the coolest place in MAS....metaphorically and literally a hike up bukit larut wont harm that much...the land rover ride up the hill through narrow and windy roads....WAS certainly worth the ride
the cool wind just whistling in my ear was deafening and the breeze that you can never get in Puchong!!the greenery and nature just calms the mind and the soul...

visiting ma old school and going to classic taiping restaurants are just wonderfull
especially the freakishly awesome CENDOL!!!and many others...

and not forgetting another town not far from beloved BAGAN SERAI~
all these memories just gives me a kick start for a new and superb 2010.....

see you in the future....
with love

PMR Results!!

WOOOT!! I finally did it!!! for the first time in ma whole fweakin life, i got straight A's for an exam. this isn't any normal lame exam people!!!....its....P>>>M>>>R

i just cant believe it.....
congrats to all my beloved fwenz....
those who have worked their asses off

to all of you retards and googlypuffs who scored straight A's!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

the spider

as i entered my bathroom...u know the routine...take of clothes and have my i was showering i saw a spider on the a macho guy *CHEH*..did not scream...yet i whistled...i whistled the axel F song....too my surprise...that dumb ass spider started dancing....i couldn't believe my shook its small skinny legs and i boogied with it....we danced to many songs like...thriller...billie chick....and hotel room service....then i high fived that animal...took a tissue..grabbed it and flushed it down my toilet...i sad ending...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


dear PMR,

lets cut things short. PLEASE COME BACK!!!...
i am dying and i need an exam to keep me alive

from IVAN

how cruel life can be.

i was quietly walking towards my car...until...i heard gave me the heebe jeeebes....i looked around but no one was i entered my car.....tats when i knew it was a bad idea to enter the i drove away from, i felt an itch..first my arm, then my head, then my whole body....and i knew this wasn't any normal i turned my head....i froze.

i was in a stand still as i looked into the eyes of my ex-girlfriend, who died last night in my arms.
she was dripping....IN BLOOD!!! i jerked to a stop..and looked her right in her eyes...

"What the hell are you doing in my car. Your blood is all over. Now i need new seats. DAMN!"
Then she said, "Hey!Shut Up old man. Look, you need to help me. I have trouble going to the light."
"HAHA...Someones afraid of the dark!".
She hit me on the arm and said "Hey.Its darker than you think buster. In order for you to help me, you need to die as well. The same way i died. So what do u say?"
I gave her the look..of idiocracy.

"What..i dont mind dying. But not the same way as you. You got stabbed twenty seven times and a cat peed on your nose. Because of this i am dumping you.PERIOD!"

Then i felt a thwack right at the back of my head.

When i woke up i smelled cat pee..Dont ask how i could i dentify..Some secrets are not to be told.
Then i saw exactly 27 stab marks on my manly chest. DAMN!! She killed me. Yet the both of us were still in the car smelling like shit..i mean cruel life can be.

a piece of mind

i burned a lot of callories just by cleaning my was worth it....
it is as clean as a girls room...seriously.
aH...finally coming back to blogging!